Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cookout with my girls -part2-

Okay, so last night while some of my friends went to a supermarket  to get some more drinks , I and my friend did  a quick photo shoot in my backyard and we got some crazy shots <3  
<Outfit details> 
Shorts- Lee(DIYed)
HeadAcc- DIY 

I made this flower head Acc for Summer Sonic(the biggest music festival in Japan) but I couldn't go there after all cuz tickets were all sold out before my friends who were supposed to go with me tried to buy them . I'm glad I could put it on last night though :). Flower head accessories are becoming a fashion trend now and I see many girls wearing them on the street but this one I made is a bit too big for a daily outfit so I never had chance to wear them until last night .

I also DIYed the F21 t-shirt . It looks a little complicated but it's actually really easy to make once you try it. 

Anywayyy, last night was amazing with my favorite girls and I can't already wait to see them again. 

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Haruka xx

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cookout with my girls

Today is the day I've been looking forward to for a long time ! Finally all of my 5 favorite girls from high school gathered at my place and we had a cookout for lunch and dinner. Since we graduated from high school , it's been hard for us all to make time and hang out so today's a special day and I think this is gonna be one of the best memories of my summer break already :)  

I'll put pictures taken at night on the next post <3  

Haruka xx