Friday, March 21, 2014

Here we met again in NYC!

I met this incredibly beautiful and intelligent woman last Halloween in Tokyo. 
We got very drunk together that night yet promised to each other that we'd meet again somewhere in the world, which just came true a few days ago in NYC! 
 We only had a short amount time together but it was full of fun memories just like that Halloween night in Tokyo. 
After meeting up at the hotel in the noon , we headed to the most famous/popular Ramen shop "ippudo" in NYC. We have bunch of them in Japan but I've been starting to miss Japanese food a lot since it's been more than 3 weeks since I left Japan. 

As we expected the place was packed with people and we had to wait for 2 hours for our ramen. Fortunately there was a bar inside the restaurant and we killed the time there having a few drinks.
By the time our table was finally ready, we were already a bit drunk. 
I ordered a ramen called "Shiromaru" , which is a salt based classic ramen. It was amazingly delicious that I thought it was totally worth to wait for 2 hours. 
Oh, by the way I lost my super comfy handmade scarf at the restaurant, which was very weird because it was sitting right in front of me as I was eating my ramen! :( 
Anyway service there was great as well and it was also great that I saw some japanese working there and a lot of clerks working there spoke Japanese that I almost felt that I was  back in Japan again. 
If you ever have a chance to go to NY ippudo is a MUST place to visit!

We got very drunk and it was past 2 when we got back to the hotel.
One of the most important things we wanted to do in NY was of course shopping! Dragging myself out of the bed in the morning was so hard but we couldn't really waste the day because we were both leaving NY in the afternoon .
To recover from hangover we  headed to a smoothie bar near the hotel and it helped a lot. 
We both got what we were looking for, which were shoes for me and swimsuits for her.  
I'm really happy that I met this girl that night Tokyo. She is such a beautiful, fun, smart, caring and independent girl. Although we live far away from each other( she's from Canada) I know for sure we'll meet again somewhere in the world :) 

キャットに初めて逢ったのは去年のハロウィン。一緒にべろんべろんになりながらも再会を約束して、本当にまた会えた!しかも今度はニューヨークで! カナダからわざわざ飛行機で来てくれて、私もボストンから4時間30分バスに乗ってニューヨークへ。
夕方にホテルで落ち合って、タクシーに乗って一風堂NYヘ。 さすがニューヨークで大人気のラーメン店だけあって2時間待ち。 でも中にバーがあったからそこでラーメン待ちながら1,2杯。 お酒が入ってさらに楽しい!いかしたバーテンダーの兄ちゃんが妙に日本語が上手で、話してみると日本に1年留学してたみたい。店員さんも日本人も何人かいたし、接客の所々で日本語使っててなんだかアットホームな気分にさせてもらいました^^ 
2時間後には結構お酒が回ってたけど、待ちに待ったラーメン!白丸って言う一番ベーシックな塩ベースのラーメンを注文。キャットは赤丸。 とってもおいしかったし久々の本格的なラーメンでとても嬉しかった。
キャットと、そして意気投合したバーテンダーのノアと3人でNYのバーをあちこちはしごして、3軒目くらいで解散。 ホテルに着いたのは2時過ぎ。そのままベッドにダイブ! 

短かったけどキャットのお陰で本当に濃い旅行になりました。 キャットは外見だけじゃなくて中身も素晴らしい女性。4,5カ国語が堪能で普段はキャビンアテンダントで世界中を飛び回ってる。そして暇があればどっかに旅行へ。 私とニューヨークで解散した後も一旦トロントに帰って、次の日すぐにメキシコへ彼とバケーションに行ったみたい。笑

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