Saturday, April 12, 2014

My sister's skirt

 It's getting warmer but I believe it's still okay to be dressed like this.
The weather right now in Tokyo is actually perfect for me that I want it to stay like this forever.

I know a lot of girls who have younger or older sisters share clothes with them and I often wear my older sister's clothes too. This skirt is one of my favorites and I probably wear it more often than my sister, which is probably cuz it's always in my room and she does't even know where it is. but it's okay since my sister wears a lot of my clothes too!

My sister is currently preparing for opening a cafe  this summer in our home town Inage,Chiba , which has been her dream for a long time and I'm as excited as she is! She was actually having a hard time naming the cafe for a long time but a  week ago I suggested a name that randomly came up in mind and she actually liked it and it seems like she's actually gonna use it!
I'm super excited about how it's going to look inside and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be the cutest&coziest cafe in town!   I can't wait to blog about it when it's all ready :)


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