Friday, January 3, 2014

Red tartan check skirt

Maybe I've mentioned before but I'm really in love with grunge style.

I used to wear any kind of style before(you can go scroll down on my instagram and you'll be surprised how much my style has changed) but I've finally starting to realize what i really love to wear, which is grunge. It's really cool to know what I really like to wear because when I go shopping I don't have to waste time on looking for different kinds of clothes but now I can just go look for clothes that make my favorite grunge style.
A red plaid/tartan check skirt is my current obsession and I've been wearing a lot these days. I got it at a thrift shop for around 10 bucks! Thrift shops are must place to shop for me to complete my grunge look. I actually got this denim JK for 13 bucks at a thrift shop as well.

最近はほんとgrunge一筋. 前までは好みが定まらなくて色んな格好してたけど、(インスタさかのぼると今とは結構ちがくてびっくり笑)やっと自分の好きな格好が分かってきた!結構好みが定まらないってストレスで、買い物行ってもすぐ目移りしちゃうし、すぐ飽きたり、買っても一回も着ないでクローゼットに眠ってる服があったりとか、なかなか無駄が多かったな...
でも今は好みの範囲が狭まってきたから買い物も集中して必要なモノだけに絞って品定めできるようになった!買い物と言っても最近は古着屋さんばっかなんだけどね。このタータンチェックのスカートも古着屋で1000円くらい!grunge大好きな私にはこのアイテムはMUST。 デニムJKも古着屋で1300円とかなりお得なお値段。