Friday, January 10, 2014

Film camera crush

What makes something look so "grunge"? I think pictures are a big part of what makes something grungy.  Grunge itself is portrayed easily through photography and can be achieved with the right fashion and background scenery. Film cameras play a big role in it if you pursue grunge like me.
Since the fast and steady spread of smart phones, we've been able to express ourselves through photography more easily and there is no doubt that it's one turning point of our daily life. Using smart phone apps, we can even edit picture in a variety of ways without even opening a laptop or desktop. However I've been realizing that there is no way to imitate film camera pictures using photo editors apps offer.  At least in my eyes, those look totally different and I love the atmosphere that film cameras make.
I took these pictures with Instax and I can't wait to try vintage film cameras my dad used to use years ago :)

グランジってそもそもなんだろう? グランジを作り上げるには色々要素があると思うけど、「写真」って大きな要素の一つだと思う。グランジ自体は、フィルムカメラと適切なファッション、背景があれば簡単に描写できるんじゃないかな。最近はスマホアプリで簡単に写真の編集ができるようになったけど最近私が気づいたのは、どんなスマホアプリとかパソコンのソフトとかを使ってもフィルムカメラの写真は絶対再現できないって事。私の目には両者は全然違く見えるし、何と言ってもフィルムカメラが作り出すヴィンテージ感がたまらなく大好き。
この写真は、持っている人も多いと思うけど、Fujifilm のInstaxって言うインスタントカメラで撮ったもの。パパが昔使ってたフィルムカメラが家に3台くらいあるからそれも試してみたいな♡

I recently came across an awesome blog post about film cameras and I had to share it with you all. it's totally worth checking♡

フィルムカメラについて色々ググってたら素敵なブログ記事を発見♡  チェックしてみて♡