Monday, January 13, 2014

Leather jacket × Plaid skirt

I always get bored with stuff easily but my obsession with plaid skirts seems to never end. I got this skirt  at the  thrift shop I always go and surprisingly it was only $3 on sale!  My favorite way to style a plaid skirt is absolutely with a rider's leather jacket. I'm too obsessed with this kind of style these days that my looks are getting kinda boring. I hope I'll find more ways to style plaid skirts. Let me mention about this black neck warmer as well cuz I knitted it!! hehe. I used super thick yarns to make this so it probably took me 3 hours to make it. It is  super cozy and keeps my neck warm on freezing winter days.
私結構飽きっぽくて、洋服の趣味もころころ変わるけど、タータンチェックスカートだけは一生飽きない自信あるってくらい大好き!!これもいつも行く古着屋さんで、なんと300円で買ったもの。300円!!!!!笑 フロントが全部ボタンになってて、生地も厚手でとてもお気に入り。 ライダース×タータンチェックスカートが好きすぎて最近私服にバリエーションがなくなってきてる...もっとスタイリングの仕方見つけたい! 見づらいけど黒のネックウォーマーは去年自分で編んだもの! 極太の毛糸で編んだから3時間くらいで完成☆ しかもモコモコだからスーパー温かい♡

Skirt: used 
Jacket: Forever 21