Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Back in Boston

I arrived in Boston where is my second home 2 days ago. As I imagined it's freezing cold here that the weather in Tokyo would even feel good to me now.
It was a huge mistake that I brought only one winter coat here so I probably need to go buy a warmer one. I'm here for vacation so I have a plenty of time to do anything. One of the biggest things I have to do here is of course thrifting! Although I've just got here, I already went to my favorite thrift shop and bought a few things there. I really tried hard to stop myself from buying too much because I still have a month left here and I need to save my money for other stuff.
It's about 3 hours away to go to NYC from here and I'm planning to go there to thrift at this  badass shop in Brooklyn I found on Instagram a week ago.  I can't wait to visit there!
This bird is my boyfriend's pet and his name is Parry. He pretty much hates me so far but I'm sure one month is long enough to get him love me so I'll keep feeding him sunflower seeds that he is crazy in love with.

2日前に私の第2の故郷ボストンに到着。 予想通りとても寒い...。 今なら東京の冬が心地よく思える程。 アウター1つしか持ってこなかったのは本当に大きなミスだった...もっと暖かいコートこっちで買わなきゃ。 
古着屋巡りはこっちに着たら必ずすることの1つ!。2日前に着いたばっかだけど既にニットと春物のコートを買っちゃった♡ まだ1ヶ月もあるから良く考えて買い物するよう肝に銘じなきゃね。 この前インスタでたまたま見つけたNew Yorkの Brooklynにある古着屋さんがとってもかわいい。New Yorkまではバスで3時間くらいで行けるから帰る前に行ってみたいな。
この緑の鳥はパリーって名前で彼の飼ってるペット。 今のところ嫌われてるから、パリーが大好きなひまわりの種をいっぱいあげて私が帰国するまでに絶対に好きにさせる!笑