Friday, March 7, 2014

New hair, new look

I promised myself that I'd never cut my hair again until it gets long when I cut it pretty short about a year ago. However I had been annoyed for a long time with my damaged hair and finally about 2 days ago I cut it. By myself! Yeah, that sounds a bit too wild but that's what I often do because I don't really like going to get my hair done at the salon because it's pretty expensive and I don't always get the way I want my hair done. Also I dyed the hair end with a purple dye from Manic Panic and it came out pretty good.  The reason I really hadn't been able to decide to cut my hair was probably because I'd thought that longer hair matched my fashion style well and I was afraid that shorter hair would't match it that good with my fashion, I've found to be wrong. At some points it might true but I'm right now very happy with my shorter and the most importantly less damaged hair.
 Anyway here is my latest look with my new hair! 
I'm here wearing oversized boyfriend jeans and a crop sweater with a leather jacket as always.

1年前に髪の毛ばっさりショートカットにした時に、あれ程自分にロングヘアーになるまで絶対髪を切らないと誓ったのに..... 痛んでパサパサの髪に耐えられづにとうとうバッサリ切ってしまいました。自分で!毛先だけManic Panic の紫で染めたしセルフのわりにはいい出来☆ ずっと切りたくなかったったのはたぶん、長い方が自分のファッションに合う気がしてたから。 でも実際切ってみたら意外となんでも合うみたい。 とりあえず切れ毛や枝毛などのダメージが一掃されてとてもハッピー^^

昨日はボーイフレンドデニムにクロップ丈のニットといつも通りライダースをチョイス。 髪に合わせてシンプル&クリーンな格好にしてみました。