Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Give up on comfort? NO.

A bit late but here is what I wore on my one-day trip to NYC.
I imagined it's gonna be too  cold to walk around NY in skirts or shorts so I chose boyfriend oversize jeans.  I also wore UNIQLO's heat tech under the stripe top and a MA-1 jacket(not in the pics) over the biker's jacket to survive the  cold day. Also I now think it was a smart choice I wore easy-to-walk Bershka boots to enjoy my shopping day in NY. 
It's always a big choice for girls to decide what to wear on a special day like dating,shopping or traveling , right? We what to be dressed good but dressing good sometimes means a sacrifice of comfort, like when you wanna wear heels but these are not really for a shopping day or when you wanna wear skirts although the weather does't allow you to.  Which do you usually choose ,comfort or appearance? For me the comfort is the most important butI still I need both. On this trip I gave up on wearing a skirt and instead chose cozier jeans but there is still a chance to look good with these on as long as I do the rest right!  

女子にとって特別な日の服選びってとっても重要。 デート、ショッピング、旅行とか。 かわいい格好したいけど、冬は寒いと脚出しづらいし、ヒール履きたいけど、ショッピングとか観光となると疲れちゃうし。私は見た目か心地よさかどっちかって言われたら心地よさを選ぶかな。ニューヨークなんてたまにしか行けないし、スカート履いてもう少しかわいい格好して街中を歩きたかったっていう思いもあるけど、寒さのたパンツをチョイス。けっこうカジュアルで手抜きっぽくも見えるジーンズだけど、上をタイトめのセーターとライダースでシュッとみせればOK^^