Friday, March 28, 2014

I already miss it.

I came back from the states a few days ago and I already miss being there. I miss the food, shopping , driving and mostly my boyfriend and his pet bird named Parry. 
The only thing that makes me glad to be in Japan now is probably the weather. I was actually so surprised when I got off the plane and felt the very warm wind at NRT airport because it was still freezing cold in Boston when I left there. The highest temperature was 73 degree in my town today and it was totally fine to go outside with shorts and a T-shirt on.

Anyway I still have some outfits from my stay in the States that  I haven't blogged yet so I'm gonna just upload them here when I have time.

I own so many denim shorts already but its hard to stop myself buying another when I go shopping at a thrift shop because they have bunch of cool&cheap jeans and what I do is just cut them off and make shorts.

Jacket : thrift shop
Shorts: thrift shop
Shoes : Forever21

ボストン出発した日はマイナスにとどくくらいの気温だったから、成田空港着いた時気温の差にびっくり。 今日なんかぽっかぽかで、朝からショーパンとTシャツでスケボー行ってきた。笑


デニムショーパンって数えきれない程もってるけど、古着屋行くとついついまた買ってしまう。 ボストンにいつも行く古着屋さんがあるんだけどそこだと何百本ものジーンズがズラーっとあって、一本600円くらいでだから、いつもそこで買って、それをはさみで切ってショーパンに☆ このアウトフィットのデニムショーパンも古着屋で買って、切ったもの。今までは切りっぱなしのショーパンの方が好きだったけど、裾を折って履くのも最近好き^^