Saturday, February 7, 2015

Arctic Monkeys T-shirt × Long cardigan

Quick photo shoot in my neighborhood. I'm really in love with the combination of these three; Rock band T-shirt, oversized denim shorts and a long winter cardigan and of course I love this outfit even more with these grunge boots. I like how an outfit can look totally different from the front and the back using a long cardigan like this. I love the back look of this outfit as much as I love the front one of course. Although it's pretty cold, I prefer wearing light-denier nylon to thicker one because even a pair of nylon can make an outfit look totally different. In my opinion  thick black nylon makes an outfit too heavy and especially when it comes to wearing it with a bottom(not a dress) I'm like meh and always end up wearing a light denier one.
Anyway finally the new semester starts next week and I'm kind of excited about going back to school since I've been just home doing literally nothing the past weeks except my trip to Morocco. The next post will be about the trip so stay tuned xx

Rock band T とoversize のデニムショーツとロングカーディングのコンビネーションが大好き。+ グランジーなブーツと合わせたらもっと好き。 もちろん寒いけどやっぱタイツは薄めのデニールのがいいな。厚めのだとoutfit全体が重くなっちゃうし特にワンピースじゃなくてスカートとかショーツの時はやっぱりデニール数が小さいやつをチョイス。寒いけどね(笑) 来週からやっと新学期。私期末試験が1教科分しかなくて他の人より早く終ったから実はここ2週間かなり暇でした。 まあモロッコ旅行は別として。 次のブログで旅行のこと書きまーす♡

Cardigan: Pimkie
Shirt: eBay
Shorts:STYLE NANDA(came with the belt )
Backpack: flea market in Salamanca called el Rastro

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