Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter break in Amsterdam/Copenhagen/Gothenburg

A happy new year from Spain! How did everyone spend this winter break?  I got to spend my 2 week winter break with my friends in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Gothenburg, which was just AMAZING. I went to all these cities for the first time and I loved them all so much.  Amsterdam is a city full of excitement, excitement that I could never experience in Tokyo. There're many nice and cozy  coffee shops  and I also found a cool thrift shop, where I got my vintage leather purse for €10. ( even though I felt that a lot of their second hand products are little bit overpriced especially because I've done thrift shopping in the states. I miss going to GOODWILL a lot haha). Amsterdam has also many museums to visit. I went to the Anne Frank museum with my friend where we had to wait almost 2 hours in the cold to get in but it was all worth it.  Among all  these 3 cities I went to during this winter, I probably loved Copenhagen the most that I could totally imagine myself living there. A lot of people  there speak great English, which helped me feel very comfortable to stay there and they were also very helpful and friendly when I asked for directions on the street. I stayed at a hostel called Copenhagen downtown hostel and it's by far the best hostels I've ever stayed. The first floor of the hostel is a bar and a public space where people just go and chill having some beer and I met so many cool people from all over the world . The hostel also has free dinner(limited) and breakfast buffet for €7 every morning. My friend Alexa and I went biking around the city ( the hostel has  a bike rental service for visitors) and we really loved biking around a city we'd never been to. We happened to find a cool coffee shop named Dome of visions while biking around and this came out to be one of my most favorite places in Copenhagen.  It's a coffee shop where local musicians play their songs and they also have different kinds of event every month. Of course the Tivoli park is a MUST place to visit if you're in Copenhagen.  The last destination for my winter trip was Gothenburg where I had a friend I met in Spain. I didn't have much time to explore the city but instead I had an amazing cozy and lazy week at her place. We also had a chance to stay at her mom's cottage in a small  island, which is located in about 40 hour away from the city center. Having dinner in a cottage with a fireplace was just amazing. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great this time so I'd love to go there again when it's much warmer :)
Anywayyyy thanks for reading till the end and I wish you all a great 2015 with full of happiness and new experiences!    

Next destination is Morocco!

日本の皆様、明けましておめでとうございます!みなさん冬休みはどう過ごしましたか? 私は人生で初めて国外でクリスマスと年末を過ごしました。やっぱり日本の年越しってなんか素晴らしい...スペインに来てから早くも4ヶ月(はっっっっっや)が断ちました。こっちに居れば居る程日本の良さが身にしみる様にわかります。 
期末テストの前に2週間の冬休みがあったのでルームメイトのアレクサと一緒にアムステルダム、コペンハーゲン、ヨーテボリに行ってきました。 どこも初めて行く都市でとにかく毎日毎日が濃かったです。 アムステルダムは俗にいうセックスとドラッグの都。刺激がたっぷりな大人な街です。中心部から15分歩けばにはレッドディストリクトって言う”大人の遊び”が出来る地区があって、セクシーなお姉さん達(たまにおばさん笑)が至る所に。街中にあるコーヒーショップに入ってみればお客さんはみんなハイになってリラックスしてて、メニューを見てみれば色んな種類のマリファナが。日本じゃ考えられないことの連続でとても刺激的でした。 コペンハーゲンは行った3都市の中でも一番好きだと思った街です。英語が通じない人はほとんどいなしし、観光客慣れしてることもあってみんなフレンドリーで優しかったって印象が残ってます。宿泊先はCopenhagen Downtown hostelって言う素敵なホステルに泊まりました。フロントのある一階がバー&オープンスペースになってて国際交流にはもってこいの場所です。2泊だけだったけどオーストラ、カナダ、マレーシア、スペイン、アイルランド、イギリス、とにかく世界中の人と交流できてとても良い経験に。コペンハーゲンで印象的だったのはファッションかな。 特にメンズファッションが、シンプル&クールでとても素敵。デンマークはワーホリ制度があるからスペインから返って来たらデンマークに1年...なんて妄想しながらコペンハーゲンを後にしました。笑 ヨーテボリにはスペインであった友達が居たのでそのこの家に宿泊。晦日は美味しいシャンパンとフルコースを振る舞ってもらって文句なしの素敵な年越しになりました 。


Vale, ahora voy a escribir todos lo que he escrito en espanol.   Espera, NO PUEDOOOOO(llorar). El gran objetivo de este nuevo ano es mejorar mi espanol. EN SERIO.  NO QUIERO REGRESAR A JAPON SIN PODER HABLAR ESPANOL BIEN. Adios hasta que llegue este momento. <3